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BRICK AND MORTAR - Creed, Character, and Community Development (Explanation of Surah Al Hujurat)  - 3 CREDITS

- taught by Sh. Zakareeya Baksh; Quran Recitation by Imam Nouh Kawkab

If it is self-development or community development that you desire, then Surah al-Hujurat is your Surah for study. Surah al-Hujurat was specifically sent to the young community of Muslims in al-Madinah to develop their souls and community bonds. Learn the valuable lessons and benefits of this surah and apply them in your daily life. If you are a change-maker and are looking to change yourself or your community, then the light from this Surah will guide you to strategic methods accomplishing change and development.



  • Iman and Islam

  • Obedience to The Messenger ﷺ

  • The Meaning of Taqwa

  • The Application of Taqwa

  • What makes your deeds become worthless

  • Signs of Responsive and Irresponsive Heart

  • The Importance of Managing Information in the Community

  • Some Common Mistakes in Managing Information

  • How to Investigate the Authenticity of Information

  • Fiqh of Social Media

  • The Dangerous Consequence of Lying

  • The Danger of Slandering and Backbiting

  • Developing Leadership Skills

  • The Power of Forgiving

  • The Importance of Reconciling Muslims

  • How to Strengthen Brotherhood and Sisterhood

  • How to Avoid Disunity in the Community

  • The Danger of Negative Thoughts

  • And much more!

The curriculum was developed Shaykh Shakiel Humayun




DIVINE DOSAGES - 50 Reasons to Pray - 3 CREDITS 

- taught by Sh. Zakareeya Baksh and Ust. Mohamad Baajour

Ever wonder why we pray? Ever had trouble convincing a loved one to pray? Ever wished you could revive the sweetness you once tasted in prayer? The Messenger of Allah, ﷺ, said, “The first action for which a servant of Allah will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection will be his prayers. If they are in order, he will have prospered and succeeded. If they are lacking, he will have failed and lost." This course is for every Muslim whether you are a revert or a born-Muslim. Join us in Divine Dosages as we visit 50 (yes, 50) treasures that salah can offer our lives - when the medication is taken as prescribed.



  • Rekindling Our Relationship with Salah

  • How Salah Aids a Person in the Rest of His Deen

  • How Salah is the Trademark of Muslim Lands

  • How to Avoid Hypocrisy by Performing Salah

  • How to Gain Peace of Mind from Performing Salah

  • Why Doesn't My Salah Make Me Be a Better Muslim?

  • Can Salah Increase One's Provision?

  • Learn to Improve Your Focus in Performing Salah

  • Weak and Strong Salah

  • The Salah that Raises Your Level in Jannah

  • The Danger of Skipping the Salah without Valid Reasons

  • Salah and Kufr

  • Convincing Others to Perform Salah

  • Answering Question: Why do We Pray?

  • How to Develop Habit of Making Salah On-Time

  • And much more!

The curriculum was developed Shaykh Mohammed Elshinawy


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